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Have I really not updated since September? Jeez. Anyway. Hey guys, what's up? I've been reading the flist fairly often, but I've been crap at commenting. Most of my time is spent on my tumblr, hit me up there so I can reblog all your stuff, k?

Some things that have been happening, the condensed version:
  • Was going to go back to school, but the financials didn't work out. Super disappointing.
  • We had a blizzard about a week ago and I am drowning in snow. :(
  • J is being a douche again.
  • My family is driving me crazy and I am planning on moving out in the next two months
Yeah. Also, I saw The Hobbit and it was glorious. Ryan and I are seeing it again on Tuesday in IMAX 3D.Y And then I saw Les Miserables and I cried forever. Even though I didn't love Russell Crowe or Amanda Seyfreid's singing voices. And I honestly did not care about Cosette's and Marius' ~ love~ story. Anne Hathaway was stunning, and Hugh Jackman was wonderful. I especially loved Eponine, Samantha Barks was incredible. On My Own has always been one of my most favorite songs and she killed it. I spent the last 45 mins of the movie with tears streaming down my face.
Harry Potter is on TV, so I am going to go watch that instead of being productive. 


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