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LJ >:(

Maybe it's just me but LJ is being completely buggy today. >:( LJ

Um. I guess that's all I have to say. I'm there was something else, but all the frustration I feel towards LJ has taken up all the space in my head (and my heart) and I can't remember what I was going to post about. You're probably not missing anything.

ETA! I was going to post about tumblr and how I feel old and out of touch because I don't get it. :( I have one, I just don't really understand how it works and I feel like there is SO MUCH happening that I miss.
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Sunday brunch with my family is always entertaining. So far today my mom did the Soulja Boy dance in the kitchen and my younger brother explained that coffee, cocoa and cocaine all come from the same plant.

We haven't even eaten yet.
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I had a crap day at work so I come home and decide it's a good idea to rewatch Children of Earth. 

Clearly I am a masochist.  And now I am sad and filled with rage; it's a weird emotion. 
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Thank you to whoever sent me the Valentines gift on LJ, it was very sweet. ♥

No time for a proper update since I'm already late to work, but I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

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Omg I am judging my friends boyfriend so hard right now. First he says Hershey's chocolate is better than Cadbury and now he says he doesn't like Jeremy Renner.>>>>>>>:(

I may have to cause him physical harm if he doesn't shut up really quickly.

ETA AM CURRENTLY HIDING IN THE BATHROOM FULL OF RAAAGE. He dislikes Jeremy Renner because of his choice of roles. "He was an ass in SWAT and he was an ass in The Town. Those are the only two things I've seen him in, but I'm pretty sure that means the guy is an ass." WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW YOU'RE LUCKY I LOVE MY FRIEND SO I AM NOT YELLING AT YOU. OTHERWISE WE WOULD BE HAVING ISSUES. Also, I might be a little over invested but I don't care because YOU AER WRONG SO WRONG I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW YOU HOVE BEEN ABLE TO SURVIVE 31 YEARS ON THIS EARTH WITH SO MANY BAD OPINIONS. Okay, I've either drank too much or not enough. /o\
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Saw Jeremy Renner +Guns (and Simon Pegg) again last night. It was an A++++ life decision. Jeremy Renner really knows how to wear a suit. I appreciate this fact. I also appreciate his face. And also his arms and hands. But mostly his arms. And also his ass). If I was at home and not on my phone this would be the part where I pic spam.

Life has been pretty hectic lately. I'm in two weddings in May, and now is the time where we are planning showers and parties and buying dresses and shoes and ...yeah. This morning I counted four grey hairs. :( I've had ONE since I was 21, I was okay with my ONE gray hair. FOUR IS JUST NOT ON.>:( Not that I'm necessarily blaming the weddings, just pointing out the timing.

Of course this just gives me more motivation to color my hair this weekend. I'm thinking of going blonde. I've never been blonde.

Okay. Typing all this on my phone is giving me more gray hair.^_^
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Rewatching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Man, this show gives me all the feels.
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Wrote letters to (name of city) Rescue Squad.

Yeah, they're totally Power Rangers.\o/
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I'm in the middle of writing a bunch of letters to a Dr. Kobayashi and I keep wanting to add Maru. /nerd

I also talked to very nice older lady named Betty White :D
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I've just started watching season one of Hawaii Five-0, I'm about eight episodes in and now I am need of fic to tide me over until the Netflix sends me the next disc. Which is only about a day or so, but whatever. That is not the point.

Anyone got some rec's for me? Preferably nothing with major spoilers, so y'know. Porn. \o/ Or AU's or something. :D?
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Merry Christmas!

My relaxed holiday weekend turned into something hectic and crazy when unexpected guests showed up and suddenly its Sunday evening and I don't know where my weekend went.

Hope everyone is having a grand holiday, or a nice weekend if you don't celebrate.
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Got an email from LJ this morning telling me they extended my paid time by two weeks. I then went to my account, turned off my automatic payments to LJ and came over to DW to see about this crossposting thing. Hopefully I did it right.

After all that has been happening with LJ, not so much the actual changes (which are horrible), but the way they've been treating their user base, I just couldn't do it anymore. Them giving me an extension was like a slap in the face. Or a kick in the pants, whatever metaphor works best for you.

I've been going around and adding people from my flist who've been crossposting, I'm [personal profile] blindingsight at both, please feel free to add me! :D


May. 2nd, 2009 02:00 am
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