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 So this morning at work on my way to my desk I pass the large shelving unit that serves as our "mailboxes" for faxes, internal memos and the like, and something in my box catches my eye.  Way in the back there is a small black...something.  I honestly have no idea what it is, so I start to pull out my shelf attempting to reach it and the ...something moves. I take a moment to flail a bit and then I realize it's a bat!

I don't know what to do, I don't want to wake and have it flying around the room, and I don't want to hurt it.  I go and talk to my Supervisor and after a few disbelieving moments he contacts the grounds people (?) who come in and capture it and then take it away.

I don't know what they did with it, I hope they called animal control or something, took it to someone who could care for it and make sure it was okay and maybe release it back into the wild. I have no idea.  

It didn't take long for word to spread around the building that there was bat.  I got a bunch of emails about and people came by my desk to ask about it. Today will forever be known as Batday. :D

Long story short: There was a bat in my mailbox and I am now being called Batgirl at work. \o/
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Apparently I've been doing a good job at work lately so today my boss gave me a nifty little spiral notebook with a pen and silly putty. Both with our company logo on them.

I IRL flailed over the silly putty. It was a little embarrassing, but I don't even care. My company has its own silly putty. That is beyond fantastic. :DDDD

eta: edited for grammar fail. :(


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